M4A1 Bullet force weapon review

In this article, we will give you an overview about one of the primary weapons in Bullet force game, the M4A1.

M4A1 Overview

M4A1 bullet force weapon review

The M4A1 is the starting primary weapon which is automatically given and equipped for beginners. It is also automatically equipped with the Compact .45.

Strong points:

  • Good stability
  • Can be used well when hip firing
  • Big clip size
  • Decent range

This weapon boasts High Hip Fire, High Stability, High Accuracy, and High Range. So if used correctly it is powerful enough. While it may seem weak, it is a decent weapon if used correctly. A new update buffed this weapon, as it was the worst weapon in the game. It now does more damage, has slightly less recoil, and slightly more range.


Decent damage which can be countered with powerful weapons like Vector easily.

Other useful resource:


  • It is the first weapon available in the primary weapons shop.
  • It is the only free weapon along with the Compact .45
  • Overall, a decent weapon.

Play bullet force game now!


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