AK-12 review – Bullet force

In Bullet force game, the AK-12 is the second lowest price of silver. It costs only 30,000 silver. AK-12 is the most weak primary weapons. It is only stronger than the Famas.

AK-12 in real life

The Kalashnikov AK-12 and AK-15 are derived from the AK-400 (Base Prototype). They are the newest derivative of the Russian AK-12 series of assault rifles and was proposed for possible general issue to the Russian army. The rifles are intended to eventually replace previous generations of Kalashnikov assault rifles in service with the Russian military and other governmental forces.

The AK-12 project commenced in 2011 by IZHMASH factory. It has become part of the Kalashnikov Concern as a private venture, in an attempt to participate in the “Ratnik” trials which were held by the Russian army. Throughout its development and evaluation stage, it has received multiple modifications to meet the Russian military’s standard, as well as to improve upon the “range of defects” that were discovered on the earlier prototype models and to addresses the Russian Army’s concerns regarding the former AK-12’s cost.

AK-12 – Bullet force weapon review

AK-12 is the third gun in the primary shop of the game. AK-12 has an  incredible range with the in game bar nearly full. Its stability is also really high. It is a very good overall weapon, a good stepping stone over M4A1. The iron-sights are a tad-bit misaligned by the main stick being too thick causing more missed shots by the average player.


  • Great Range
  • Good Stability


  • Poor rate of fire
  • Low damage
  • Misaligned iron-sights

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