FAMAS Review – Bullet force weapon

FAMAS is a submachine gun.  It boasts great damage and range. It also has the highest RPM compared to all the weapons in Bullet Force games. FAMAS is among most used weapons because of its powerful stats and cheap price.

FAMAS - Bullet force weapons review

FAMAS review


Price: 15.000 credits.

Strong points:

  • Excellent range
  • Great accuracy and stabilty
  • Insane fire rate


  • Small mag
  • Less damage

Perk and Attachment Combos

  • FAMAS has a mall magazine size of just 27 bullets the extend mag perk makes it better with 35 bullets.
  • Quick knife comes pretty handy with this gun.
  • Muzzle brake makes it easier to use.


  • FAMAS is best used with an assault strategy (straight up and frontal attacking)
  • The large number of bullets would deal a great amount of damage giving an easy assist in team matches
  • Aim for the neck or upper chest, the recoil makes some headshot at mid range.

FAMAS is the second weapon available in the primary weapons shop. It currenly has the fastest RPM of all the guns currently in the game.

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