Bullet Force is a solid multiplayer base and frantic shooter, though really unoriginal.


In addition to the similarity with the classic episodes of Call of Duty, what strikes of Bullet Storm is extremely soft approach to the freemium model: the developer wanted to avoid at all costs to make a pay-to-win, and so has introduced a progression that allows everyone to unlock the same perk and the same weapons, limiting the paid content almost exclusively to the aesthetic customizations. It is also for this reason that the learning curve is not steep and disastrously allows novices to score some killed during the first few games, according to well-established canons that often emphasize and willingly fortunate to happen behind the other players and thus eliminating them without too much trouble, looking at the same time as those in the same way will shoot at us. The touch controls are well organized and responsive, though it seems a resounding failure to use a separate fire button instead operate the autofire when an enemy is in our sights. The reasons behind our concerns are likely to be clear and obvious to anyone who has never tried a moving shooter: use auto focus allows you to move with greater ease and gives dynamism and speed to action, whereas having to manually pull the trigger actually creates two separate mechanisms that result in the execution of slowness and cumbersome. Beyond this, the use of asset rather general and the Bullet Storm initial concept make the title inevitably anonymous and not very original, but it’s a relatively small price to pay when you consider the positive aspects of the production, which puts undoubtedly one of the best multiplayer shooter for iOS and Android devices.

 Bullet Force is one based multiplayer shooter obviously inspired by Call of Duty, has four traditional modes, seven maps and a progression system that lets you unlock new perks and equipment without having to deal with the restrictions of the freemium model. The end result is amazing for the quality and experience of matchmaking in general, it revealed fluid and frenetic while net to the lack of an option for automatic fire, which would have made much more immediate and enjoyable gameplay.


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